Disaster Recovery Game Changer

Disaster Recovery Game Changer
Disaster Recovery Game Changer

Disaster Recovery Game Changer

According to reports by the US government, disasters are bound to occur, and estimates of 1 in 4 businesses usually don’t get to survive the disaster. This has made having a disaster recovery plan a very vital undertaking for any business owner. This is an invaluable investment any business can ever make.

Decades ago, traditional means were employed to prepare against any event of a disaster. The business started by using a filing cabinet for storing and retrieving records when they lost their electronic data. This was later replaced with the tape backup, followed by the disk back up and then finally the cloud.

The introduction of cloud computing changed almost everything, and disaster recovery is not an exception. The cloud has taken an entirely different approach towards disaster recovery – specifically virtualization. With the cloud, the entire server is encapsulated into a single virtual server or software bundle. This includes the operating system, patches, applications, and data.

With cloud computing, the entire server can be backed up or copied to an off-site data center, and in a matter of minutes, it is spun up on a virtual host. As a result of the hardware independence of the virtual server, the applications, operating system, data and patches can be accurately and safely transferred between data centers without having to reload each server’s component.

As a result of the flexibility of the cloud, disaster recovery has become more cost-effective. The primitive disaster recovery methods took weeks of recovery time, and now the cloud promises just a few minutes. Restore times and concurrency has been greatly improved.

With business becoming more IT dependent than ever before, the cloud seems to be the best option for a disaster recovery solution. The DR procedure for cloud-based DR is amazingly simple and easy to follow, unlike the previous methods which were complicated and lengthy. It is usually unrealistic that even the best of trained IT professionals successfully walk through a complicated procedure when any system failure occurs. With a cloud DR, recovery can be made with just a few clicks.

Cloud computing provides with a system that allows recovery of data easily and quickly. It saves you a lot of money since downtime is reduced. Capital expenditures such as disk storage or physical tape, the cost of transportation and physical space needed for storage of those backups are eliminated. This way, even small businesses can afford to employ this model of disaster recovery.

In recent times, vendors are taking data protection and disaster recovery to the next level. The latest trend in the industry is finding ways to utilize the recovery infrastructure in the absence of a DR scenario or restore.

With cloud computing, there are endless opportunities for disaster recovery solution. A company’s disaster recovery system is turned into a live clone of its production environment. With the cloud, you do not need to worry about cumbersome maintenance of test/development environments. This is how amazing it is with cloud-based disaster recovery. via