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Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Cloud Infrastructure Spending Is Increasing, but Is Cloud Adoption Jumping as Well?

Spending on cloud IT infrastructure is expected to rise in 2016, yet market research is giving mixed messages about whether that increased spending is leading to higher adoption rates of cloud applications by businesses. Some...
Future of Cloud Computing

The Future of Cloud Computing: Trend Outlook by Forrester

The Cloud Computing market seems to be entering a second wave, a phase dictated by real and committed cloud engagements rather than mere half-hearted “cloud washing” initiatives. Scaling up is the future agenda for...

Hybrid cloud storage explained

26 Oct 201632 Shares Private, public or hybrid cloud – which will you choose? Image: R. MACKAY PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC/Shutterstock Thinking of getting your head into hybrid cloud? Interxion outlines what this entails and the considerations that...

How to Choose the Perfect Cloud Storage for You

How do you know which cloud storage service is best for your business? Here are some points that should help you make the right choice. (Newswire.net -- November 6, 2016) -- You are a proud...
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