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Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Future of Cloud Computing

The Future of Cloud Computing: Trend Outlook by Forrester

The Cloud Computing market seems to be entering a second wave, a phase dictated by real and committed cloud engagements rather than mere half-hearted “cloud washing” initiatives. Scaling up is the future agenda for...

SpiceWorld 2016: Office 365 Offers SMBs Flexibility with Cloud Storage, Collaboration

Moving to Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity suite can take place all at once or in stages amid hybrid environments. by Phil Goldstein Twitter Phil Goldstein is a web editor for BizTech. Besides keeping up with the latest...

Hybrid cloud storage explained

26 Oct 201632 Shares Private, public or hybrid cloud – which will you choose? Image: R. MACKAY PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC/Shutterstock Thinking of getting your head into hybrid cloud? Interxion outlines what this entails and the considerations that...

How cloud storage became a target for hackers – and what can be done...

With the recent revelations that Yahoo! experienced a hack in 2014 where the accounts of around 500 million users were compromised, it brings back into focus the importance of businesses ensuring their customers’ data...
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