Reincubates flagship product, the iPhone Backup Extractor, is the first in market backup recovery software that supports the latest security updates made in the upcoming iOS 10.2 release.

After the security flaw introduced in iOS 10 was fixed earlier in October, Apple has updated and changed encryption algorithms in iOS 10.2, making brute force attacks impractical.

The change is associated with a different key derivation process used for iTunes backup encryption than the one used previously. Finding the new derivation process was the missing piece to increase security to iTunes backups. In the most recent version of iPhone Backup Extractor, Reincubate has released a critical update which makes the software fully compatible with iOS 10.2 encryption changes.

The encryption update included in iOS 10.2 removes the possibility for brute force attacks to be a viable option for hackers, because it takes significantly more time for each attempt to guess the backup password.

Reincubate’s expert iOS team estimated that with current CPUs it takes roughly 7 seconds for a password to be verified and validated before opening a backup.

About the iPhone Backup Extractor  

The iPhone Backup Extractor was the first product to support recovering data from iOS 10 iCloud backups on Windows and macOS platforms. The software is used by consumers, forensic examiners, and businesses for various use cases, from recovery of lost data to evidence discovery.

About Reincubate’s iCloud API

The Reincubate iCloud API makes the iCloud accessible to investigators, developers and integrators. The API includes functionality for extraction, manipulation and recovery of many types of iOS and app data.

It fully supports iOS 9.3 and iOS 10 iCloud backups, and backups created with A9X and A10 chipsets. It can provide real-time iCloud data for a number of data-types, and supports access to content which has been previously erased from the iCloud.

What Users Say About Reincubate’s iCloud API

“Reincubate have been super responsive to our needs, and as the market’s “table stakes” features have expanded, Reincubate has responded by constantly improving and expanding their technology solutions to help us meet those increased customer demands. We are super pleased with our decision to partner with Reincubate!”Steve Woda, CEO, uKnowKids

About Reincubate

Reincubate is the app data company. The company’s mission is to provide data access and recovery for all app platforms, be they mobile, desktop, web, IoT or in-vehicle. The company was founded in 2008 and was first to market with both iOS and iCloud data extraction technology. With over half a decade’s experience helping law enforcement and security organisations access iOS data, Reincubate has licensed software to government, child protection and corporate clients around the world. via